About Hivechat

Hivechat is simple tool for online communication around a specific topic. It's not a search engine, social network, forum or wiki - but it does share its DNA with all of these.

A Communication Tool

Hivechat is a communication tool. It combines the best bits from various kinds of online platforms in a structured and user-friendly manner.

When you create an event in Hivechat you can choose what to include. We've designed Hivechat to be a hub - a conduit through which effective online communication can occur.

Built to be Simple

Whilst easy to use, Hivechat's simplicity is key to its success. Register an account in a few seconds, then start creating your events.

Behind the scenes we're working hard to ensure every aspect of Hivechat works seamlessly with the rest. You get to focus on sharing information quickly, efficiently and effectively - leaving the technical know-how to the Hivechat team.

Discover More

We're using Hivechat to help built Hivechat

Our 'how-to' information is all created within Hivechat itself. There's no point building a tool if you're not going to use it, right?

  • We test every feature we build
  • We listen to our users and respond to requests
  • We're building Hivechat into the net's #1 communication tool

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