Welcome to Hivechat

by Jack Barber

Welcome to Hivechat

Hivechat is an online communication platform. It's designed to be simple to use. But it's also powerful. Hivechat combines various aspects of existing communication tools. By bringing familiar technologies together in a single place ideas can grow without the distraction of having to learn yet another platform. Join Hivechat today and bring your ideas to life through effective and efficient online communication.

A Conduit for Focussed Communication

Hivechat was created to provide a simple way to share ideas online. The internet is full of useful information, but it's also overwhelming. Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Facebook... where do you go to find information? Usually there's no single answer.

With Hivechat, we wanted to create a platform which would allow people to share ideas and information and facilitate conversation in a single location. Hivechat incorporates video, documents, Zoom meetings, images, interactive chat and a variety of other communication technologies. Use whichever tools are appropriate for the information you wish to share - then watch your idea grow.

Simple To Use, Yet Powerful

Hivechat is simple to use. Sign up in a matter of seconds and begin creating your content. At Hivechat we call a single page of content a 'cell'. Cells can be connected to form a larger body of content, or standalone as an individual concept or idea.

Behind the scenes the Hivechat platform keeps everything running smoothly. You can search the platform for keywords or phrases and keep track of ongoing discussions by subscribing to any cells which interest you.

Accessible to Everyone

Hivechat is free to use and works across all devices. It's web-based so it'll run in any web browser.

So, what's stopping you? Get started today!